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  • Which soap bar would be best for oily skin ?
    If your skin produces a lot of oil and acne, our professionals suggest the ‘Lemongrass Rosemary Ginger Soap bar’, it’s anti- inflammatory and antibacterial properties will stop infections. It also provides antioxidants to support your oil balance control system.
  • Which soap bar would be best for dry skin?
    If your skin is struggling with retaining moisture, our professionals suggest the ‘Manuka Honey Lavender Soap bar’, it hydrates your skin and trains your oil balance control system for better moisture retention.
  • Which soap bar would be best for dark marks or eczema?
    if you have atopic dermatitis and/or hyperpigmentation, our professionals suggest the ‘24k Turmeric Citrus Soap bar’, it’s natural ingredients smooths irritation caused by dry skin. Our combinations of herbs hauler and prevent dark marks from occurring.

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